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Mexicayotl Academy of Excellence,  Changemaker High School, and  Prescott College have embarked on a joint venture to create an all-inclusive changemaker K-20 partnership in Tucson, Arizona focused on weaving primary, secondary, and higher education into an all-inclusive model that will create the next generation of dual language, social innovators and solution seekers. The partnership has made formal commitments to collaboratively develop a K-20 Changemaker Campus at 1300 S. Belvedere Avenue.
Representatives from the three entities have had a series of venture planning sessions to date and have established a strong foundation for the work ahead. It has been agreed that the three organizations will work in an intentional partnership but at the same time remain autonomy.
As part of the collaborative planning, four community segments have been identified for the work ahead. These four segmentsinclude: 1) Civically Engaged and Environmentally Conscious Students & Families, 2) 1st Generation College BoundStudents & Families, 3) Dual Language Students & Families, and 4) Dreamers and Mixed Status Students & Families.
Our intention is to meet the needs of these four segment groups, to aid them in developing measurable gains, and to aid them to embark on their personal and collective changemaker journey.

K-20 Changemaker Campus

K20 Campus



To weave primary, secondary and higher education into a K-20 model of autonomous education that produces self-sufficiency and self-determination.

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Since opening it’s doors in 1998 Mexicayotl Academy has distinguished itself by providing a quality standard dual language education and unique intercultural curriculum. By embracing the values of the world we want to create students who will grow into the leaders and role models of tomorrow. The importance of high academic achievement, culture and the values of respect, responsibility, self-discipline and social justice form the foundation for each new generation that walks through our doors on the way to changing the future.

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Since 2012, Changemaker High School (CMHS) has implemented a new educational experience filled with challenge and opportunities for the young people of Tucson.  Recognizing that the world is defined by change and that education should match that change, CMHS has put forth a new approach to teaching and learning that makes empathy and changemaking as important as reading, writing, and math. At CMHS we ask our young people to engage the world with a high level of empathy; asking them to look up from their desks, to connect with others and to take ownership of their community, be it their classroom, their neighborhood, or the world at large.

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Prescott College began in the 1960s, a time of optimism and growth when leaders of a small town in the stunningly beautiful pine and chaparral country of central Arizona were searching for a new cultural identity. The themes students and faculty have identified over time as central to this effort include environmental awareness, social justice and peace studies, sustainable communities and sustainable agriculture, outdoor leadership, teacher preparation that includes multicultural education, and artistic and critical response to the issues of our world. The methods they have developed – collaborative learning, experiential education, and student-designed programs – assure students’ impact in their future roles.

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